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DJ Chasandra Live Komune Beach Club Bali New Year Eve 2015-2016

Saat malam pergantian tahun 2015 ke 2016 DJ Chasandra dipercayakan untuk bermain dalam acara di Komune Beach Club 90% tamu adalah penghuni dari Hotel Komune yang berasal dari manca negara.
Alamat Komune Beach Club Jl. Pantai Keramas,Gianyar, Bali selain sering menyelengarakan event party, sering juga mengadakan Night Surfing pada hari tertentu jadi banyak juga orang yang datang untuk surfing pada malam hari.

his place is faaaaar away from the crowd. Located on Gianyar District, you can access this place from Bypass. I think, you need to spare some time if you want to go here or if you will go to the eastern part of Bali. Komune also had a resort because they have a great beach to surfing so you will many surfers here.

I came here on dinner time with my coworkers for the year-end-office-dinner. This place is nice for hangout with friends or family. They don't really crowded like potato head so its great if you want to chill and relax on a beach.

The food price is varies from 90k-210k. I ordered tuna grilled for 135k, it covered with sesame seed, it is delicious but the flavor is quite plain because i think they only used paper and salt to grilled. I also tasted the salmon and beef, their price is 200k. I recommend the salmon because its tasty! And the beef steak is big like 300gr so if you don't eat much you can share this food. They also had a catch of the day menu, so you will be served any fish that they catch on those day.

They also served many varieties of drinks (alcohol or non alcoholic). The staff is friendly and the food didn't take to long to be served. The staff is also friendly.

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