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FDJ Chasandra - DSX 12th Anniversary Party at A-Club Bali

Female DJ Chasandra saat bermain di Aclub Bali yang direkam oleh DJ Alex DSX

FDJ Chasandra saat bermain pada acara ultah DSX ke 12 tahun

12th Anniversary Party at A-Club Bali

A-Club Bali, also known as Akasaka Bali is heap of super fun things all rolled into one awesome venue. Located right in the middle of Denpasar City, you can reach it by taxi, private car or motorbike because it is in quite a busy area with manic traffic. This club has been a part of Bali night light since way back in 1989 and has absolutely stood the test of time to still be as popular as it always was.

First up there is Karaoke, and who doesn’t love a few drinks and the opportunity to belt out one of your favourite tunes over a microphone in front of everyone!? There are a whopping 39 private rooms you can hire out for your group for the night. Depending on the size of your party there are eight small rooms, three medium rooms, 15 large rooms and three VIP rooms. All suites are fitted with state of the art technology with excellent sound systems, LED television monitors and LCD big screens, which definitely makes for a super cool atmosphere and of course you will get brilliant private service from your choice of over 200 of their beautiful female staff members.

If you love dancing more so than letting the vocal chords rip then the Music Club is where you should head. In this part of Akasaka Bali, you will be entertained by live bandsDJs, models and dancers from all over Indonesia. There are four private balcony areas for you to hire for your party or you can mingle with the 1000 strong crowd on the dance floor.

 A-Club Bali is a huge space that has the entire 4th floor dedicated to it and the service they provide here is rated at 6 stars. You can expect to see international DJs playing the latest chart toppers and colourful lighting spectaculars when you come for a night out here. VIP rooms are also available in this part of the venue and table service is included also. Along with the pumping music they have regular dance acts and other international artists performing on stage.

And last but certainly not least is their restaurant which is located on the 2nd floor of the building. Here they serve a wide variety of dishes hailing from all over the world including ChineseIndonesianAmerican, Japanese andEnglish.

The mix of different cuisines means that you and you friends and family will be able to have just about anything you want. Akasaka Bali caters specifically for the Western crowds but still has the prices you would expect to pay in Bali.
They are open on weekdays from 10pm – 6am and weekends from 10pm – 7am.

A-Club Bali 

 A-Club Bali is located at 4th Floor of Akasaka Bali. A-Club is an exclusive club giving members 6 star facilities and services in Bali. It is the first club of this type catering specifically to westerners, with safety of our members being an extremely high priority.

 The club offers a huge night club with DJs pumping out the most up to date tracks, live dance shows and international artists performing on stage. This area can be converted to provide conference facilities during the day. VIP rooms provide the perfect place to hold business meetings with state of the art facilities or private parties. Amazing dancers will perform highly entertaining sets throughout the evening.

These regular exotic performances are interspersed with expert DJ’s keeping the dance floor humming and the party in full swing. A-Club will also have a plethora of high quality music performers and entertainers all year round, so be sure to check the entertainment schedule frequently. 

All this and more, whilst paying local prices for beverages and food

We have biggest visual mapping lighting , VDJ and monster soundsystem, Friendly staff and Good Hospitality We have 7 (seven) Private VIP karaoke Connect to Club , 7 Sofa and 20 table

  • Seating Capacity : 200 Pax 
  • Standing capacity : 600 pax 
  • Facilities : Free Wifi , valley