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Foto DJ Chasandra at Bakudapa The Stone Bali 22 January 2016

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The Stones Entertainment Center is a life style concept that brings design, music, entertainment and unabashedly good food and drinks together in the ultimate hip playground for today's traveler. With its distinctive contemporary facade, The Stones Entertainment Center is an oceanfront landmark thet promises all day and all night of fun.

Choose your pleasure and match the mood. Dine at SALT, pick a tune at VINYL, groove at BLUE SAPPHIRE or just chill at INFAMY. Everything is possible. Chic, blod, unconventional and distinct, The Stones Entertainment Center is ultimate hip playground fot today's urbanite and perfect place to celebrate birthday, wedding reception,

VIP party or corporate product launch. A contemporary setting, breathtaking views combined with impeccable service and excellent food, we make sure that your function at The Stones Entertainment Center will be a unique and unforgettable experience.