Berapa Bayaran Female Disc Jockey (DJ Cewe)

Banyak bertanya berapa sih bayaran DJ Perempuan di Indonesia berikut saya share berdasarkan pengalaman saya menjadi DJ. Pertama bayaran DJ terbagi 2 DJ Cewe dan DJ Cowo, untuk bayaran DJ Cewe bayarannya jauh lebih tinggi bisa 2 kali lipat dari DJ Cowo kenapa? kurang tau, mungkin karena para penonton di Indonesia lebih menyukai DJ Wanita dari pada DJ Laki. Nah yang kita bahas di sini DJ Cewe Female Disc Jockey disingkat menjadi FDJ.

FDJ Chasandra Resident at Spice Mantraa Best India Restaurant in Bali

KUTA – Continuing its notable achievements in establishing distinctive retail and entertainment imaging, BDC Holdings has now embarked on a joyous new culinary journey from the Far East. The global conglomerate based in Dubai has brought their newly developed inspirational Indian Cuisine Restaurant concept to famed Bali. Adding a new distinctive taste to the island’s culinary culture, the first “Spice Mantraa” will be a new icon in the prime tourist hotspot of Jl. Kartika in Kuta opposite the popular Discovery Shopping Centre.
“Bali is one of the world’s most popular destinations for tourists from across the globe and now, we also see Bali, as an emerging International culinary destination. We are here to offer the region a new culinary experience, the true Indian flavours with inspiration.” explains Ram (K.S. Ramakrishnan), President and CEO of BDC Holdings. Bali was chosen as the launch city for ‘Spice Mantraa’ as it compliments the global appeal and clientele this concept aims to cater to.Spice Mantraa will be a tourist’s haven that provides the right mix for world class vacationers seeking a casual dining experience that satisfies the palette and offers a relaxing ambience.

FDJ Chasandra at Spice Mantraa Bali International Indian Dining Destination

At Spice Mantra, you will be spoilt for choice by the wide varieties of dishes that have been cooked to perfection by our chefs. Their exemplary cooking techniques and knowledge of the spices will ensure a gastronomical experience for you and your loved ones. With a vast and exotic array of Indian cuisine, with flavors that will tantalize your taste buds, Spice Mantra is the ultimate destination for lovers of Indian cuisine who only desire the best! ALL INGREDIENTS USED ARE HALAL CERTIFIED

Resident DJ at Paddys Pub Legian Kuta Bali ( FDJ Chasandra )

Paddy’s Pub is a nightspot that flanks its sister site of Bounty Discotheque on Jalan Legian and is the third incarnation of the legendary Paddy’s Club. It retains much of its former appeal with its fun themed parties and reasonably priced drinks.

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