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Resident DJ Chasandra Wills Bar and Restaurant Kelapa Gading Jakarta

 Will's is one of the few places in kelapa gading that has live music, bar, billiard, darts, and other games. A lot of people come to dine and spend a good amount of time there as this place was created for that. It occupies the place that used to be Golden Leaf Chinese restaurant next to Prime Whiz hotel, so it's quite big, probably the biggest in the area (don't quote me on this). 

Only been there once and had a dinner set that is off the menu (didn't take photos for each of it though), so I can't say much about their regular menu. Service was very good. Ambiance is on point. Came there on a Saturday night. There were more people came in when it was 10pm+, I guess due to most restaurants in gading already closed at 10pm and Will's open until 2am. 

Overall this is a good place to go when you have a company or friends and want to chill and spend time on the weekend.

Bathed in dim lights and accompanied by electro-pop tunes, Will’s are four floors of games, booze, food, and everything fun. This new establishment carries a different concept amidst the noodle-heavy and coffee-loaded Kelapa Gading area, and the contrast might just be what it needs to attract people to come.
At Will’s Gading, what you see is what you get. Standing tall right across Mall of Indonesia, the words drink and play are proudly written under the yellow-blue sign. One can relax at Will’s after a long day of work with a drink in one hand and casual conversations with friends or strangers. Drinks are an extensive collection of spirits, liquor, beer, wine, cocktail, and mocktail. Enjoy all of those while playing a game of beer pong, battle shots, chess (with shots as chess pieces), pool, or foot pool.

But here’s the twist: Will’s Gading also pays close attention to the food they serve. The menu is Western-inspired with a touch of Japanese, while still taking into consideration flavors that Indonesian people prefer. Spicy Niji-Iro Pasta, literally translates to rainbow-colored pasta, comes in the color of black, green, yellow, orange, and red, alongside prawns. The kicker is the extra spicy sambal belachan, definitely not for the faint-hearted. Other stand-outs are Will’s Signature Wings—sticky, sweet, and finger-licking good—and the silky smooth Thai tea panna cotta in Pannacotta Trio. Honorable mention also goes to Will’s Signature Omu Rice. That soft omelette still lingers in my mind until this very day.

WILL’s is a one stop entertainment place that offers excellent cuisine, liquor and games. WILL’s ensures to bring the latest and most popular games from around the world for customers to experience the fun whilst enjoying our delicious and creative modern Western Japanese fushion dishes.

Founded by William Sjaichudin who is a professional golfer who travelled around the world to compete golf tournaments for Indonesia. His international culture experience had him decided to open a place where people can gather and experience many different cultures through games and events; noting that there is a need for a fun by uniting people through games, food and drinks.

At Will’s, everyone feels energetic, playful, comfortable whilst listening to their favorite live music.

 love everything about this place! Went there for Teddy Adhitya performance last Saturday. It was amaaazing! The live music was great, i have a good view of the stage despite sitting at the back. Had chicken wings and flat bread pizza; with beer that is just a perfect temperature. Definitely a place to hangout for us Jakarta Utara people